Adoption is a big commitment – We’re here to help! Have you been thinking about welcoming a cat or kitten into your home? A good place to start is by viewing our cats to see if there is anyone you’d like to meet! From the menu, check out Our Cats for who is currently available.

Rosie – Looking for a home since May 2018

Next, come see our cats! We have several locations and our adoption specialists are there to answer any questions you may have. Each cat has a different personality, some like other pets, others don’t, some are very affectionate, others may need help with socializing; our team will be able to help guide you on which cats would thrive in the environment you have to share.

Once you have decided on which kitty to adopt, complete an Adoption Application and Adoption Agreement. These forms are available at our locations with our cats, or you can download the PDF from the links below. Give this form to the adoption specialist at the location of the cat you want to adopt.

Adoption Application                                Adoption Agreement

Our team usually takes about a day, maybe two, to determine adoption eligibility. Once approved, any fees required will need to be paid and then you’ll be able to schedule a date and time to take you new cat home!

Our adoption fee is $50. This helps us cover vaccinations, spay/neuter and other veterinary services done prior to adoption.

We’re glad you are considering Beyond Nine Cat Rescue and more importantly, you’re looking to rescue a cat in need of a home. When you adopt from us, we will continue to be available to help with any questions or advice you need to keep your cat safe, healthy and happy. If for any reason the relationship doesn’t work out, we are always happy to welcome our cats back!


Brownie & Sunday – Looking for a home since May 2018