We always need volunteers! Beyond Nine Cat Rescue is an all-volunteer organization, we have no paid staff! We are a diverse group of people with a common goal: to help homeless cats. If you like cats and have some time to lend a hand, we have several roles where we could use your support:

Cat Sitters
We need kind-hearted people to help pet and socialize our cats. This could involve light grooming like brushing or clearing eye goop. Many of our cats are super friendly and they want affection and petting, maybe a little playtime or lap time. Socializing keeps kitties happy and feeling good while they wait for a new home. The hours and locations can vary based on your schedule.


Josie – Looking for a home since May 2018

Help us Clean!

We are always in need of consistent and reliable people to help with light cleaning at all of our locations such as PetSmart, PetCo and our adoption center. These are usually 2 hour shifts in the morning and/or evening. Tasks include scooping litter boxes, cleaning up accidents, cleaning and refilling food and water bowls, perhaps washing dishes or doing laundry at the adoption center. It’s the same day-to-day cleaning one does at home plus, you get the added bonus of being able to pet and socialize with a lot of grateful kitties!

Heavy Cleaners
We need people who can help with deep cleaning tasks washing walls, windows and litter boxes, perhaps moving heavy supplies like bags of litter and food. There’s always a big project that needs to be done and the hours and locations can vary based on your schedule.

Construction / Trades
As with any home, we’re always in need of services from trades such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, painters, lawn maintenance and the like. These projects can vary in size and scope yet we are usually flexible with scheduling. Tasks could be anything from fixing a garbage disposal, unclogging a sink, installing a ceiling fan or window air conditioner, finish carpentry like replacing floorboards, adjusting doors, etc.

Adoption Specialists
If you like meeting people and talking about cats, we are always in need of folks who can work at our locations or events. Activities include passing out brochures, collecting applications, showing cats and answering questions. Training is provided on-the-job and locations/schedules can vary.

Event Planners / Fundraisers
We often need help from people with planning and scheduling events that are either hosted by others or hosted by us. The goal is to meet people interested in adopting a cat, recruiting volunteers and fosters, fundraising, etc. We also could use some help with applying for and winning grant money if anyone has expertise in that area.

Cat Runners
Getting cats to and from the vet can be time-consuming but it’s a necessary step in getting a kitty ready for a new home. Sometimes it’s just routine shots and checkups, other times it may be more involved. We often need reliable people with a kind touch to help our kitties to and from their appointments.

We also need folks who can be called upon to pick up donations of cat food and litter. This often requires the use of a truck that few of our volunteers own. If you have a truck and a little time to shuttle cat food and litter, we sure could use your help!

There are a number of rescue organizations elsewhere in the USA that can take in cats from rescues who are at capacity. If you are traveling to another state and can take a kitty with you, let us know. We’ve recently worked with rescues in Maine yet others may come up from time to time. Transport by auto is okay yet our dream would be to have help from a few cat-friendly, non-commercial pilots!

We have an endless supply of dirty laundry; mostly towels and bedding. Once cleaned and dry, it needs to be folded and stocked on shelving. We have an on-premise laundry area yet some items need a large commercial washer & dryer. It would be helpful for a volunteer to pick up, launder and return those items for us.

Clerical / Admin
There are a number of clerical tasks that could use a helping hand. Much of our administration is done the old fashioned way with paper files on our cats. These files contain veterinary records, pictures and other information we collect while the cat is with us. We need help photographing cats or updating their file of pictures, and then keeping all the information organized and secure.

Sometimes we need help with answering phones and coordinating adoption specialists with received messages, emails, call back requests and the like. Depending on the tasks at hand, we could use support help with social media tasks on Facebook, Instagram and our Website.

<Your Super Power Here>
Don’t see what you’re looking to do yet have a special skill that you think could help our cause? Let us know! We’re open to ideas and if it gets a cat adopted into a safe and loving home, we’re all whiskers and ears!

Apply Today!

You must be at least 18 years of age or older. If you are younger, you can still volunteer as long as you are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian during your service. To apply, please download and fill out the volunteer application:

Volunteer Application

Once completed, bring it into any of our locations and introduce yourself! We’re looking forward to meeting you!


Ron Howard – Looking for a home since March 2017