Meet Titan!


It was Friday the 13th in April of 2018 when a strange-looking kitty showed up at an apartment complex. His fur was scary looking, and this skinny little wobbly creature was aggressively trying to get into people’s apartments. As you can imagine, that wasn’t going over very well with the local residents. Unfortunately, people were getting mean. Some were throwing rocks or trash and other things to make him go away. Fortunately, good samaritan rescued him and this furry mess of a cat finally ended up with us at Beyond Nine Cat Rescue!


Titan when he was first discovered, April 2018


We immediately got him medical attention and he was in bad shape! He had worms which was easily cleared up but the main problem was mange. Mange is a skin disease caused by mites and if left untreated, it can be fatal. Looking at his coat of fur, Titan has had mange for quite a while. It was so bad, he could barely even see as it had begun to grow onto his eyelids.



Titan recovering from mange

Isolated in a cage, little by little, Titan started to recover. We could tell he was immediately happier and less stressed. Having a full bowl of food can really change a kitty’s attitude! The medicines he received immediately helped. The itching subsided, the irritation subsided, everything just got better and better.

Titan all safe, all smiles


Titan soon began to make friends with our volunteers and other shelter kitties. Within a few months, he gained some weight and was looking good! He finally got to a point where we could release him from his cage and he became a very happy member of our shelter. All the cats seemed to like him, and everyone was impressed by his recovery. Titan had arrived!

Titan fully recovered
Titan is such a handsome kitty!

Enter 2019. Early in the year, his condition began to change. Titan started having strange fits and would swipe at us or other cats. Sometimes he struggled to eat and after a while, he began losing weight again. We took him back to the vet and this time he was diagnosed with feline stomatitis which is a very painful inflammation of a cat’s mouth and gums. Titan was miserable. One minute he’s sitting there calmly, minding his own business, and then from out of nowhere, he would belt out a scream. That’s how intense his pain attacks were. It crushed our hearts when we got the news that the only relief for Titan, and the recommended form of treatment, is to have all his teeth removed.


Titan taking comfort at Beyond 9


A full extraction of all of Titan’s teeth would normally cost upwards of $7,000! Fortunately, we have vets (aka heroes) who give us great discounts. For Titan, we’ve got a quote of $2,300 so we’re getting him the care and relief he needs. However, most of our supporters know we already struggle to keep up with the routine expenses and medical bills to feed some 200 cats in our care. One kitty like this can really hit us hard. We sure could use your help to cover Titan’s medical bills, please! If everyone could pitch in a few bucks, it would make a really big impact on Titan and allow us to continue the work we do for all the cats in our care.

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