Is Beyond 9 Closed?

No, we’re not closed for business! The adoption center on Dixie Highway was closed, that’s all. We’re still showing cats at our PetSmart and PetCo locations. As a result, our ability to show cats has been greatly restricted, which means we’re not getting as many adoptions as we once did, and that means we can’t help rescue as many cats as we would like. If we’re able to find a new adoption center, we’ll update everyone!

Some of you may have heard we also have a shelter and wonder what’s the difference between an adoption center and a shelter?

Our adoption center was open to the public. It was our main way to show cats to the public so that they could get adopted. This was the home for our happy, healthy and approachable cats.

Our shelter, on the other hand, is not open to the public. This is where we home cats recovering from illness, cats who are FIV+ or have FeLV, cats who are injured or perhaps have challenging behaviors. These are the cats no one wants because most of these cats don’t show well. They don’t like people or are easily scared or lash out. We provide them a safe place to live, away from the public, otherwise, they would be euthanized. Sometimes we can rehabilitate them if so, they would have gone to the adoption center to meet the public.

If you don’t have an adoption center, how can I meet your cats?

We post the profiles of our cats here on our website via PetFinder. If there are any cats in our listing that you would like to meet, just email us at or call us toll-free at (833) BEYOND-9 and we can arrange a showing of them at our PetCo or PetSmart locations.