A very generous donor has agreed to match every sponsorship donation we receive, dollar for dollar!

$25=$50     $50=$100     $100=$200

To celebrate, we are also doubling the 12 days of Christmas.  Each day from December 1st through the 24th we’ll be posting photos of our cats and kittens.  You will have the opportunity to sponsor the cat of your choice throughout the month, and you may sponsor as many cats as you wish, as many times as you wish.

A sponsorship is a one-time gift made in honor of a homeless cat at Beyond Nine Cat Rescue.  When you sponsor a homeless cat, you help that cat in ways that you can’t even imagine.  With more than 100 cats currently being cared for at our shelter and in foster homes, you’re sure to find one whose story tugs at your heart.

On Christmas Day we’ll tally up each cat’s donations.  Everyone who donated to the cat with the most donations will be entered into a drawing to win a wine basket worth over $100….or a $100 gift card if the winner is a non-local.  We’ll announce the lucky winner on Christmas Day.

So, bring twice the joy to homeless cats this holiday season!  Make a lifesaving donation today and your gift will be DOUBLED!!

Meet some great cats who need a sponsor today:


Sweet and sensitive, Oscar may have an identity complex. You see Oscar is a girl. While she waits for a forever home (and maybe a new name) please show her some love this holiday season! Click here to sponsor Oscar!


Two dots is a real cat’s cat. She loves all her roommates at the shelter almost as much as she loves attention from people. Please let Two Dots know you’re thinking of her this holiday season. Click here to sponsor Two Dots!


Rocky is super shy but very sweet. He keeps to himself for the most part but we believe he has the potential to be a very lovable cat. Click here to sponsor Rocky!


Coral was picked up by Coral Springs Animal Control as a stray. She is so sweet and friendly that we felt she must have belonged to someone. So we posted her photo in the hopes that someone would claim her but no one did. Won’t you please let her know that she hasn’t been forgotten this holiday season? Click here to sponsor Coral!


Midnight’s owner had to surrender him when he lost his home. Shelter life was quite a change for him but Midnight made the best of it. Please show this playful, friendly kitty some love for the holidays. Click here to sponsor Midnight!


One of our shy kitties, Landon often gets overlooked by potential adopters. But if you just rub his belly he will roll over and “make biscuits” with his paws. All Landon wants to make his holidays happy is some love and belly rubs. Click here to sponsor Landon!


This little kitten was found in the middle of a road in Miami. She was very sick and skinny but with some medicine, plenty of food and lots of love she is thriving and will soon be available for adoption. Click here to sponsor Mia!


Not having had any interaction with humans prior to his rescue, Seymore is a very scared and shy kitten. But these shy ones think and feel and love just like the rest of us. They have special spirits and deep personalities and, given the opportunity, would make wonderful companions. Click here to sponsor Seymore!


Cinnamon was abandoned with her sister, Pumpkin, alongside Oakland Park Boulevard. This sweet senior kitty is blind but she can definitely hear a kind voice and feel love. She deserves to know how kind humans can be. Click here to sponsor Cinnamon!


Along with her sister, Cinnamon, Pumpkin was found in a cage on the side of Oakland Park Boulevard. They had been abandoned with several other cats. Pumpkin is also blind but she loves the feeling of gentle touches and the sound of soothing voices. Click here to sponsor Pumpkin!


Cappy was surrendered to us when her owner passed away. We don’t know why but she only has a knobby three-quarter length tail. But what she lacks in tail size she makes up for in sweetness. Click here to sponsor Cappy!


Esme and her Mama came to us about 8 years ago. Because of her shyness, she has lived her entire life at the shelter. Please show Esme some love while she waits for a quiet loving home that will let her personality shine. Click here to sponsor Esme!


Thomas came to us as a kitten and has never had a home of his own. He is one of our shy kitties but given the opportunity, we’re sure this quiet soul would make the right family a wonderful companion! Click here to sponsor Thomas!


As sweet as she is beautiful, Barbara would like nothing better than to find a forever home for the holidays. Won’t you show her some love while she waits for just the right home? Click here to sponsor Barbara!


Sweet, funny and feisty, Mary Jane has come a long way since she came to us. When she first arrived at the shelter she didn’t want anything to do with humans, and she would let them know it in no uncertain terms. But with lots of patience and love, Mary Jane has let her inner sweetness shine through and now she really enjoys the attention people give her. Click here to sponsor Mary Jane!


This curmudgeonly guy will flirt around with you asking for pets and scratches, but then he’ll turn and swat you!! He is FIV and FeLV positive and had to have all his teeth removed due to severe stomatitis, but he is thriving and happy and is a favorite at the shelter. Please remember him for the holidays.  Click here to sponsor Titan!


He’s known around the shelter as Mr. Handsome and you can see why. But he’s not all good looks….he has personality plus! Let Oreo know you appreciate the total package this holiday season. Click here to sponsor Oreo!


Leo was born with hip dysplasia. In the hopes he would outgrow the condition, he had to refrain from jumping and running when he was a young kitten. Needless to say, he was less than happy with the situation. But time and rest worked in his favor and now Leo is the king of zoomies! Click here to sponsor Leo!


Thomas is a refugee from Kuwait, where cats and kittens have long been poisoned, abused and killed. He is indicative of the Kuwaiti street cat…. gentle, quiet and desiring to be loved and cared for. Won’t you please show him that humans can be kind and are worthy of his trust? Click here to sponsor Thomas K!


Flossie is another of our long-time residents who has been with us since she was a kitten. She is super sweet but a little on the shy side. She would love to have you sponsor her for the holidays. Click here to sponsor Flossie!


This “cow cat” is a sweet, funny boy who is motivated by treats. He tries to watch his waist but all bets are off when the Temptations come out. Won’t you let him know you think he’s perfect by remembering him during the holidays? Click here to sponsor Jimmy D!


Marble is another refugee….she just arrived from Kuwait. She has serious eye issues and will be seeing an eye specialist this week. Please show her how kind U.S. humans are by sponsoring her this holiday season. Click here to sponsor Marble!


Sweet, silly Reno really loves attention. In fact if he feels he’s not getting enough he’ll rub his face all over yours. Show him you appreciate his sweetness by remembering him during the holidays.  Click here to sponsor Reno!


Leah is a quiet, sensitive soul who is on the shy side. But once she gets to know you she will welcome your attention. Show her some love this holiday season by sponsoring her. Click here to sponsor Leah!

We will post updates periodically from now until the end of the program. If you have any questions or need any help, please contact us:

Email: sharon@BeyondNineCatRescue.org
Phone: (833) BEYOND-9 or (833) 239-6639

Please note, our phone number does not receive text messages. We receive a high volume of calls and our volunteers work hard to return each call in a timely manner so we appreciate your patience. Emails tend to be easier for us to manage yet if you do call, leave a detailed message with your name and contact phone number clearly stated. Thank you.