Cat of the Month – January 2023 – Mama B

Meet Mama B! Well, carefully, please!  Mama B has been passed around, first in Miami, then she had a home with other cats she didn’t like, and now she’s with us.  She seems a little depressed by all the drama.

Mama B is very upset about being at a pet store so she’s not very amicable with visitors.  As a result, she’s been at the PetSmart on Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale for a couple of months now. Hiding at first, she’s now hanging out in the open watching all the people and pets passing by.

Mama B kinda has a “grumpy cat” persona going on but we know she really can be a valued family member if given a chance!  She’s a beautiful black and white kitty with bright golden eyes.

She’ll prefer to be the only cat in the household and when she is, she’s very affectionate and kind with her humans.  If you’re new at winning a cats trust, we can help guide you through the socialization process and if you find it’s just not working out, we’ll take her back. We just hope to find someone with a little patience and a lot of love who will give her a chance!

If you or anyone you know would be interested in adopting Mama B, contact!