Meet Connor!


Meet Connor! Connor came to Beyond Nine Cat Rescue with his brother Cameron back around October of 2017. Recently, Connor was diagnosed with a condition that makes his hips prone to fractures. All cats have a growth plate at the base of the femur head (ball) which is made of cartilage. When kittens, these growth plates normally fuse or close down before the cat reaches a year old. In rare circumstances, this does not occur and the cartilage remains, leaving a weak link in the hip joint and making it prone to fracture. Connor has this condition in both hips and unfortunately, his left hip has fractured.


Connor being a sweetie pie


Conner was in an extreme amount of pain and unable to use his left rear leg. Surgery was needed as soon as possible. Dr. Kenneth Moore of Broward Veterinary Specialists performed FHO surgery (Femoral Head Ostectomy) today, October 1st, 2019. This is a procedure where the head of the femur is removed. Initially the muscles around the hip hold the joint in place, but eventually, a “false head” forms from the scar tissue and that will be Connor’s new hip joint.


A very regal Connor cat!


He’s a wonderful cat, loving and trusting, and couldn’t stand to see him in such pain. Everything went perfectly with the surgery and Connor is resting comfortably for the first time in weeks, yet major expenses like these really take a toll on our resources. Please consider helping us cover the cost of Connor’s surgery and make a donation today! Beyond Nine Cat Rescue is a 501(c)(3) so for most, donations are tax-deductible!


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10/01/2019 – Post-op update! Connor came home today. He’s doing great….moving around, eating, using the litter box and, of course, snoozing. He’ll be wearing his “cone of shame” for another 10 days at which time his sutures will be removed. Dr. Moore says his surgery went great and he’s rehabbing like a champ!!


Connor after his operation