Fritz & Frodo at City College

Meet Fritz and Frodo! These tuxedo brothers are under a year old and are looking for a home of their own at Beyond Nine Cat Rescue.

On October 25th, 2019 they took a field trip to City College in Hollywood, FL to participate in the Vet Tech program. The program covers “How to Restrain a Cat” which is first done with stuffed animals. Techniques are demonstrated and practiced so that the future vet techs don’t stress feline patients. Enter Fritz and Frodo!

The students soon learned that live patients are much wigglier than the stuffies (stuffed animals) they had been practicing on!  Fritz and Frodo were gentle and being silky smooth and slippery soft, they had a lot of fun twisting and contorting circles around the students! We even got some photos of everyone working together:

Well done to everyone at City College! These kitties weren’t stressed at all!  We hope you continue to do well in your studies and help a lot of kitties become healthy and happy!

As for Fritz and Frodo, they had a lot of fun and would like to remind everyone, if you would be interested in adopting a couple of amazingly soft and stress-free tuxedo kitties, email us at or give us a call at (833) BEYOND-9!!!


12/14/2019 – Joe Orange and Sparrow heard about how much fun Frodo and Fritz had so they decided to go to City College too! They got their blood drawn, nails trimmed and then some vaccinations… this is what you call fun?!?  It wasn’t quite what they were promised yet they did get to meet some fantastic new people who were very nice! Well done!