Pompano Beach Colony Cats

This week we got a frantic call about a mama cat and her kittens needing help. One of the kittens was injured and no other rescues were responding to her calls. Our volunteers went out to assess the situation and what they found made their hearts sink: a colony of cats struggling to survive in Pompano Beach, FL. Some were in dire need of medical attention, others appeared emaciated and hungry.

First up were the kittens. We found five in total, three of them are white, one calico and one black. One of the white kittens appeared to be in worse shape than the others so we couldn’t just leave them in the colony. They were taken to a vet, bathed and fed and they seem to be recovering nicely! Check out this live-action footage:

These tigers in training should be ready for adoption in about 6 more weeks so stay tuned for those announcements!  Where’s the mama cat? We found two.

This white mom cat was one of two mom cats we found, she was spayed and vaccinated yet we think she may be adoptable. She’s not acting like a feral cat. We’re going to continue to work with her to see if she’s willing to hang out with people. If we do not return her to the colony, we’ll post information about how to adopt her as soon as she is ready!

We were also able to catch a big white male and a calico kitty. Each was vaccinated yet after an evaluation, we determined they were just too feral to be domesticated pets, so they were returned to the colony.

This pretty orange and white kitty turned out to have a broken pelvis. He was in a lot of pain and we were able to get him into Plantation Midtown Hospital for help. The staff there is extremely helpful and we’re hoping he’s able to recover quickly but his medical needs are going to be expensive.

There was another male limping around the area, we were able to get him vaccinated at Pet Population Control yet he required additional attention for an infection in his leg. He is now at Plantation Midtown Hospital recovering yet he is in rough shape. We’re not sure if he’s going to survive it or not. Keep your fingers crossed!

We are still working our way around and will continue to try to support this colony by getting as many of the cats there spayed and neutered. We’ll also help supply them with clean food and water so they’re not starving to death. We think we may have a local volunteer there to help us with that. If they’re amicable, we’ll see if we can get them into a proper home with loving humans!

These types of desperate calls for help come in every day. There are just too many cats here in South Florida that need our help. Although we can sometimes get discounts and perks from our vet friends, we still receive thousands of dollars in vet bills every month. A single cat’s injury (such as a broken pelvis) can cost hundreds of dollars. Add to that dozens of spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, tests and treatments for sickness and disease, it quickly adds up!


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