Cooper City Cats

Beyond Nine Cat Rescue was made aware of at least 15 cats abandoned in a house in Cooper City, FL. The woman who had kept a few of them as pets had passed away a few years ago and the cats were left in her house.

Someone would stop by to leave them dry food yet they received no medical care, no proper kitty litter or cleaning of the home, and none were spayed or neutered so the number of cats multiplied.

Most of the cats are undernourished, covered in fleas and mange, some have open wounds, some have lost an eye to infection or issues from possible inbreeding in the house.

We were able to bring six of the most in-need cats to our shelter and have been working hard to rehabilitate them medically and mentally.

Some are a bit shy and scared yet we’re socializing them with love and petting and it’s working. They’re responding well and coming back to life.

With a little luck and some patience, we hope they’ll get to a point where they can be adopted into loving homes so they can continue to get the care and attention that they have missed out on all this time!

Vet visits, medications, surgeries, transportation, rehabilitation, food and shelter… it all adds up!  We have been really busy (during a pandemic no less!) and our coffers have been depleted. We urgently need your help!  

Rescuing cats is hard but donating is easy! 

Please make a donation today.

No amount is too small! 

Thank you! We appreciate your support! 

Beyond Nine Cat Rescue